Salus Bijoux Baby Vest


Brand Salus
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Safety first! 

As parents, we put safety first. In designing the Salus Bijoux, we stepped outside the confines of existing standards to offer unprecedented security, safety and comfort for babies 9 – 25 lbs. The front design ensures that baby turns face-up from a face-forward position. The collar cradles the head when lifted by the strap or while floating. Mesh harness and short front enhance comfort sitting upright, lying down, or in a baby carrier.

  • Three piece collar designed with additional flotation on sides to cradle baby's head
  • Easy access into vest
  • short front for enhanced comfort while in the sitting position 
  • Dry-Lex Aerospace liner for breathability, temperature control, drainage and comfort for baby
  • Mesh back allows baby to lie comfortably on a blanket or baby carrier
  • Easy to reach lifting strap 
  • Adjustable mesh and webbing harness system for security venting and comfort 

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