Substance Mom & Baby Travel Pack


Brand Substance
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On the go essentials 

The small sizes make this set a most convenient travel companion - now you can take your favourite Substance Mom & Baby products where ever you go in the re-usable zip lock "wet pack".

  • Mom Belly Jelly - 1 oz.
  • Mom Leg and Back Cream - 2 oz.
  • Mom Mineral Soak - 2 oz.
  • Baby Nappy Rash Ointment - 1oz.
  • Baby Creme - 2 oz.
  • Baby Body Foam - 2 oz.

Mom Belly Jelly: Stretch marks can be a growing concern! That’s why there is Substance Belly Jelly, a rich healing balm designed to intensely moisturize the skin. Packed full of oils high in vitamin E, Substance Belly Jelly increases the skin’s elasticity, allowing it to stretch with your changing body. Rich shea butter, oats, lavender and a special blend of essential oils further nurtures the skin to add that extra ounce of prevention.

Mom Leg & Back Creme: With the added weight that baby brings, pressure builds on the lower limbs. Swollen and tired legs, back, ankles and feet follow. This invigorating lotion to help you feel light on your feet again!  An expert herbal blend of St. John's wort, yarrow and arnica has been infused in a skin-softening base of castor and evening primrose oil. Added to this is a stimulating and exotic blend of lemongrass, dill, basil, rosemary and black pepper. The result: pure bliss!

Mom Mineral Soak: Let natural salts eliminate dead cells and rejuvenate your skin’s health glow. Infused with skin-nourishing holly and carrot oils and the essential oils of bergamot, tangerine, palma rosa and elemi, our Mineral Soak relieves tummy dryness, relaxes stiff muscles and helps uplift your mood.

Baby Nappy Rash Ointment: Our mineral oil free nappy rash ointment forms a protective barrier against wetness as it soothes and protects baby’s skin. Our herbal formulation of calendula, marshmallow root, St. John’s wort, yarrow and myrrh powder has a special affinity for balancing young, sensitive skin. This is added to a rich, nourishing base of shea butter, carrot oil and cocoa butter. Sweet scented roman chamomile essential oil completes this indispensible multi-purpose ointment.

Baby Creme: Free of mineral oil, this moisture rich creme nourishes and softens your little one. Its fresh candy-like scent makes it a hit with kids of all ages - even for grown ups. We've added shea butter and wheatgerm oil, as well as an infusion of skin-pampering herbs to encourage skin resiliency. This can be fundamental during your child’s growth spurts.

Baby Body Foam: A mild yet effective alternative to soap, our gentle sulphate-free body foam does not wash away the skin's natural oils. Fortified with nettle, plantain and slippery elm extracts, our Substance Baby Body Foam leaves baby’s skin pampered, soft and always so touchable. Calming essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang create an aroma that soothes your little one.  A perfect compliment to your bedtime rituals.

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